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Designed for the Water Well Driller -
By the Water Well Driller.

Rig Down? 24 Hour Support

Our experts are available 24/7 for emergecy repair and assistance.

The core of the Defender Preventative Maintenance Program is to partner with our customers to understand their specific maintenance needs and build a program that keeps their equipment productivity at its peak. Patriot works with our customers to comprehend the current preventative maintenance program, evaluate the parts regularly needed and used, develop solutions to ongoing complications, and install the Defender Remote Monitor.

Patriot uses this information to build a recommended maintenance package to fit our customer’s maintenance goals. Patriot will lay out the parts needed at every service interval with a detailed recommended preventative maintenance schedule. This data enables our team to detect items that are a downtime risk and to offer economical and timely solutions.


  • Initial Equipment Inspection by factory trained technicians
  • Real Time Engine Status Monitoring
  • Enhanced Risk Mitigation via preventative maintenance program
  • Easier Maintenance Intervals via on-time parts availability
  • Equipment Support from experienced representatives
  • Program Parts Discounts

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